Singers & Songwriters Night

We are starting a Singers & Songwriters Night!

Our Singers & Songwriters Night  on hold for now

We are looking for talented singers & songwriters in the area who would like to participate. You MUST signup and follow the instructions below to perform!

This will be “unplugged” and all acoustic – no mics, no amps – just you and your instrument and possible accompaniment. (Keyboards WILL be an exception as we understand some of you play piano/keys.)

The genres of choice will be Country, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Adult Contemporary, and (very) Lite-Pop.

We plan to strive for a musical environment that is supportive and welcoming to new songwriters as well as the seasoned professional. Nevertheless, this is NOT an “open-mic night”!  ALL songs MUST be submitted in advance in order for us to ensure the songs fall within the accepted genres, that they will cater to our clientele, and that they adhere to the code of conduct set forth below.  Please send mp3’s of your demos by using the form below. These do not have to be professionally made demos – you can even use your smart phone to record a rough “scratch” track – just make sure that YOU are the one singing and you/your accompaniment are playing the music. (If you prefer not to send an actual file of your song(s) then you may paste links in the appropriate area of the form below to where we may listen to your songs online – do NOT link to Spotify, or any other service that requires a registration/sign-in as they will be ignored.)

By submitting your songs, you are agreeing to follow the code of conduct below and for your performance to be possibly shown live as a Facebook Live event and/or be recorded and played back in-store, on our website, and Facebook page. You will be notified if you have been selected to perform. Each songwriter will be allowed to perform up to 5 songs depending on the time available.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Music starts at 6pm and lasts until about 7:30pm.
  2. Due to liability issues, all submissions of songs must be done by an adult (18+). All performers must be 18+ unless the owner of Belle’s specifically makes an exception.
  3. Each performer must perform the song previously selected by us from those submitted.
  4. Each songwriter may submit up to 5 songs – one file per song.
  5. Please keep each song to fewer than 5 minutes.
  6. Cover songs WILL BE allowed.
  7. Performers will NOT be allowed to use prerecorded music or vocals.
  8. This is an all-ages family event, therefore no cursing (cussing) or fowl language will be allowed.
  9. We do NOT allow Spoken Word, Poetry, Storytelling, or Comedy as a part of Singers & Songwriters Night (although you are allowed a brief time to introduce yourself and say a few words about your song).
  10. Be ready, prepared, in tune, and in the room on the evening you are scheduled to perform.
  11. You may have one or two people accompany you during your performance – but no drum sets and no amps or electric instruments (keyboards WILL be an exception as we understand some of you play piano/keys).
  12. No heckling and please keep your voice down and respect the ones performing.
  13. Please understand that this is a business, so please do what you can to support Belle’s by buying something and remembering to tip the wait-staff. And please ask your friends and relatives to come and support you.
  14. Belle’s owner and management reserves the right to cancel your performance and ask you to leave and possibly ban you  if the code of conduct is not followed.
Songwriter Song Submission Form

Please fill out the following fields:

  • Songwriter, please fill out this form. Items with an asterisk (*) are required. Add your song demo files (mp3 only) - you may add up to five. Optionally - you may instead enter the url link to your songs in the spaces below.